Review for Dual EQ6-RPro XL Dual Series Saddle

Dual EQ6-RPro XL Dual Series Saddle

The saddle that comes standard with the Skywatcher EQ6-R-Pro leaves a lot to be desired. The saddle is painted the same color as the mount and feels cheap, and even worse, gave me a sense that my expensive telescope and camera set-up might one day come loose and end-up on the ground. Having done a lot of business with ADM Accessories in the past, I checked to see if they had a direct replacement for this item, and they do — the Dual EQ6-RPro XL Dual Series Saddle. This saddle is a work of art. Beautifully engineered and machined, it exudes precision and imparts a heightened sense of safety and security for your equipment. Simply remove the three bolts that hold the Skywatcher saddle in place, and mount the new ADM saddle. It’s that simple! You will not be disappointed that you paid the extra money to upgrade this part.