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DUAL-EQ6-RPRO-XL- DUAL Series Saddle. Fits SkyWatcher EQ6/ Orion Atlas Mounts.



-1x DUAL Series Saddle
-1x EQ6-RPRO-XL mount adapter
-2x 1/4×20 SHCS



The DUAL-EQ6-RPRO-XL is based on the popular DUAL-CGEM saddle.  The collar was redesigned to fit the Skywatcher EQ6R-Pro. Accepts both D Series and V Series dovetail bars. Split clamp design grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. Features two large locking hand knobs for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. 7.5″ Long, 5″ Wide, .75″ thick, Wt. 64 oz.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

9 reviews for DUAL-EQ6-RPRO-XL- DUAL Series Saddle. Fits SkyWatcher EQ6/ Orion Atlas Mounts.

  1. Karthik V. (verified owner)

    I have several ADM accessories and this is as excellent as or even better than all of them. The EQ6-R mount is great but the saddle is a big weak point IMO. It is shoddily built and very sticky. There is a considerable tilt, one side of the plate sits about 2 mm higher than the other. The contact points are only at two ends, the center part doesn’t touch the plate. It never felt very secure. Getting a big OTA on the saddle was also not an easy task, because the plate sticks to the paint and it’s not easy to move the OTA to balance it. This ADM piece solves all of these issues and more. It is beautifully machined and it feels and performs like a dream. It is perfectly aligned and the finish is so smooth, the OTA plate just glides over it. Balancing the scope is a much easier task now. The entire length of the saddle now grips the plate and it feels very secure. The over-sized tightening bolts are also a welcome addition, although the stock ones were not terrible. The color looks great as well. Goes nicely with the EQ6-R colors. All in all 5/5 stars. Another great ADM product!

  2. Aidan (verified owner)

    Had this delivered to the UK. Pretty quick delivery! Very solid item and fitted like a glove. Very pleased with it

  3. Trevor Kay (verified owner)

    Extremely well engineered and provides significantly greater saddle support for my ES127 APO on my Skywatcher EQ6-Pro. Very happy with this purchase. Delivery time was very good considering the distance to “down under”. Love the “green”, fits on with the mount very well. The assembly was quick and straight forward.

  4. Donald Kraus (verified owner)

    Extremely well made and simple to install. Shipping was fast. The dual saddle looks great and performs flawlessly. It is a huge improvement over the stock saddle. I am thoroughly pleased with the purchase and will be buying from ADM again very soon.

  5. Steve Ruttenberg (verified owner)

    Well made excellent fit. The only thing I would recommend is for it to have a deeper recess so the counter balance rod could be fully retracted and I would be the machined flat for the dec clutch lever on the opposite side of the clamp knobs to make it easier to use the dec clutch lever. Other than that, this is an excellent item and I recommend it.

  6. Jason Ramsey (verified owner)

    Quality control could be improved on. Otherwise, great upgrade for the EQ6 platform.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank You Jason. Appreciate the feedback. We will continue to strive for better service & products. – ADM Accessories

  7. Darryl H. (verified owner)

    The saddle that comes standard with the Skywatcher EQ6-R-Pro leaves a lot to be desired. The saddle is painted the same color as the mount and feels cheap, and even worse, gave me a sense that my expensive telescope and camera set-up might one day come loose and end-up on the ground. Having done a lot of business with ADM Accessories in the past, I checked to see if they had a direct replacement for this item, and they do — the Dual EQ6-RPro XL Dual Series Saddle. This saddle is a work of art. Beautifully engineered and machined, it exudes precision and imparts a heightened sense of safety and security for your equipment. Simply remove the three bolts that hold the Skywatcher saddle in place, and mount the new ADM saddle. It’s that simple! You will not be disappointed that you paid the extra money to upgrade this part.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank You Darrl. So glad to hear that we were able to accommodate with a direct replacement for your Skywatcher EQ6-R-Pro saddle. Appreciate the feedback. – ADM Accessories

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The piece is well made but the slide on portion to the mount was too tight. The paint on the mount had to be sanded down in order to get it to fit on the mount. I would estimate about .003″ to small on the radius for my particular mount.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank you for the valuable feedback. I will forward this message onto Anthony for further review.-ADM Accessories

  9. Kirk Gray (verified owner)

    As with all things Anthony fabricates, this saddle is a high quality upgrade for any EQ6-R mount and greatly improves upon the stock saddle. The green anodized knobs are a nice touch. It looks and works great!

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Kirk, thank you for awesome review! So glad to hear that you are satisfied with the saddle.-ADM Accessories.

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