Review for DUAL-CG5- DUAL Series Saddle. Fits Celestron CG5 Mounts

First I want to say that the assistance and support I received, particularly as a new customer from ADM and from the owner and founder, Mr. Anthony Davoli won me over instantly, it was absolutely amazing. I have the CG5 dual clamp installed on my ASGT CG5 mount holding my Celestron 9.25 SCT. It is a major upgrade to my rig and is a well thought out, well manufactured, brilliant piece of engineering. I even noticed improved GoTo accuracy from object to object. It looks like some shifting was occurring with the original clamp screw/bolt that created a hole or indentation in the CG5 rail. When the scope was moved to different positions it is possible that, even if tightened down, the weight of the tube moved the end of the clamping bolt in the hole on the CG5 rail. A slight shift is all it would take to miss the GoTo mark enough to move the object further from the center of FOV, especially at high magnification. It is a dramatic improvement, of course in addition to safely, evenly and firmly holding my telescope onto the mount with zero damage to my new CGE D series rail. It it so versatile with the capability of using my other Newtonians that still have the narrow CG5 Vixen rail. I feel relieved now knowing that my investment will not fall off and hit the ground, it is so rock-solid. Also, it is much easier to hold my scope up with one arm while laying the dovetail bar in the ADM groove and quickly being able to tighten the 2 inch knobs that grip the rail fast and secure. Such a critical operation is now so much simpler. Interestingly, with the CGE rail the OTA now sits up higher off the ground allowing me to collapse the tripod legs to lower the focuser height. This in itself makes the tripod safer to use, it is much more stable. After looking at several popular options, there is no comparison to the ADM product, hands down.

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