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DVPA-TAK- D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter for Takahashi Mounts.



-2x 8mm SHCS

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Fits D Series or V Series dovetail bars. Attaches directly to Takahashi or other mounts that have two 8mm tapped holes 35mm apart. Incorporates a split clamp design that grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. The dovetail clamp has a large locking knob for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. 2.5″ Long, 4″ Wide, .75″ Thick, Wt. 8 oz.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

1 review for DVPA-TAK- D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter for Takahashi Mounts.

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    There were dents on the vertices near the knob. The customs inspector could have made them. Granted, its just a superficial issue. By the way, the box and the plastic bag were not damaged at all. The knob doesn’t turn easily. An inspection revealed a good amount of white powder in the knob. Seems like aluminum oxide, the by-product of aluminum corrosion. Luckily, I purchased the “bling” knobs. Cleaning the screw and little bit of grease on it with new knob made the adapter smooth. Disappointed at the outgoing quality control, otherwise perfect product.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank You for the feedback. I’m sorry to hear you had an issue with the product quality. I’ve escalated your comment to the owner for review. – ADM Accessories

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      This white oxide is something that ADM is working to resolve. It seems like a salt oxide that forms after the knob is installed. A small drop of oil seems to dissolve the salt but I am working with my anodizing company to prevent this problem from happening in the future. Thank you for your feedback. – ADM Accessories

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