DUP-TAK02- D Series Universal Dovetail Bar. Large Takahashi


-Fits D Series saddles and accessories.
-Superior maching and beautifuly finished.
-Precision machined from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum.
-Designed specifically for the Takahashi TOA-130, TOA-150, Epsilon 160, and Epsilon 180.
-Three clamshell mounting locations, Two large ring mounting locations and three small ring mounting locations.
-12.25″ Long 5″ wide plate, 3″ wide dovetail, Wt 46 oz.


-dovetail bar
-2x 8mm SHCS
-2x safety stop


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Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 2 × 2 in


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