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DUAL-AVX- DUAL Series Saddle. Fits Celestron AVX Mounts



-1x DUAL Series Saddle
-1x HEQ5 mount adapter
-2x 1/4x20tpi SHCS

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Fits Celestron AVX mount. Accepts both D Series and V Series dovetail bars. Split clamp design grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. Features two large locking hand knobs for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. 7″ Long, 4″ Wide, .75″ thick, Wt. 32 oz.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

11 reviews for DUAL-AVX- DUAL Series Saddle. Fits Celestron AVX Mounts

  1. Eugene (verified owner)

    The parts are of good quality but mine came with metal shavings and one knob that wouldn’t turn all the way to tighten. The customer service person was helpful but seemed put off that I would require the item to be without defect. I had to force the part to work correctly, which it does now, but I shouldn’t be required to add lubrication and force if none is required.

  2. Dave Jamieson (verified owner)

    The item was easy to install and works perfectly. The big orange knobs are a nice touch. I see Celestron latest avx mount comes with a dual saddle.
    But no orange knobs.

  3. Alex I. (verified owner)

    The saddle was well designed and appreciate that my dovetail plates will not be marred by clamping screws . Materials were confidence building. But one of the screw holes was drilled in an angle and not perpendicular to the plate. It works but I think your Quality Control should have rejected it. As I live in the Philippines , its too much trouble to ship back and request a replacement, so I will use it as is 🙁

  4. Bernard Veroni (verified owner)

    Beautifully machined piece of gorgeous. Mount provides security in securing my SE8, vs the original Cekestron mount that came with my AVX.

  5. drbobca (verified owner)

    I obtained this ADM DUAL-AVX-DUAL series saddle along with the DC9.25- D Series Dovetail Bar to provide additional stability for my C9.25 OTA on the AVX mount and tripod. I am very pleased with the quality of these items from ADM. They are well machined, and I especially like the clamp design for gripping the dovetail along the entire length of the saddle without denting, unlike the saddle design on the mount as provided direct from Celestron. Thanks ADM!

  6. Robert S. (verified owner)

  7. Gabe (verified owner)

    Very well made saddle. Easy to install, everything fits properly on the mount. Easily holds both my 8 and 9.25 inch SCTs. Yet another excellent ADM product.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank You Gabe. Appreciate the feedback. – ADM Accessories

  8. Rex Semmens (verified owner)

    awesome service and products at 12 out of 10 for quality

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank you Rex for the excellent rating. – ADM Accessories

  9. Dan W (verified owner)

    I’ve decided to step down from a CGEM to a AVX mount for portability. I was aware that the latest AVX mount has a dual saddle but was really disappointed to find that it only uses large screws to engage (and damage) the OTA dovetail. ADM’s dual saddle uses a proper spring-loaded clamping mechanism which I think is more secure. As always, the ADM replacement was a snap and just looks better. As always, the fit and finish exudes quality. Love the knobs. My only suggestion is add declination index marks on both sides so that the knobs can be placed on either side of the OTA.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Dan, thank you for awesome feedback! So glad to hear that the Dual Saddle was just what you were looking for.-ADM Accessories.

  10. Jim T. (verified owner)

    One of the best upgrades you can make for an older AVX mount. Using this upgrade to hold me new/old Stellarvue 90mm Raptor, decked out with an ASIair Pro, ASI071, ASI120 guiding scope, and ASI focuser – gives me a rock solid platform that makes balancing a breeze.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Jim, thank you for the Excellent feedback! So glad to hear that you are pleased with the Dual Series Saddle.-ADM Accessories.

  11. Paul Lee (verified owner)

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank you Paul for the Beautiful review!-ADM Accessories.

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