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D2V Converter- Converts D Series Mounts to a V Series Mount.



-1x D Series Dovetail
-1x V Series Saddle
-mounting hardware



Converts V Series mounts to a D Series saddle. 7″ Long, 4″ Wide, 1.25″ thick, Wt. 34 oz.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

4 reviews for D2V Converter- Converts D Series Mounts to a V Series Mount.

  1. Jeff K. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and the perfect solution for my setup.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Thank You Jeff. Appreciate the feedback. – ADM Accessories

  2. Daniel F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent service!

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Daniel, thank you for the awesome feedback!-ADM Accessories

  3. Leslie D. (verified owner)

    Item arrived in good time, considering it was coming across the US/Canada border. Item works as described. Very solidly built, good quality.

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Leslie, so happy to hear that Dovetail Adapter & the delivery time met your expectations. We look forward to providing you with all of your telescope accessories in the future. – ADM Accessories

  4. Frederick W. (verified owner)

    Very nice piece of work. Consists of a 6” V-style saddle bolted to a 7” D-style plate. Black anodized satin finish, with some underlying machining marks visible on the V saddle. Likewise on the clear satin anodized finish of the two clamping bolts. Even when fully tightened the knobs clear the edge of the D-plate by 1/2” so it’s unlikely they will run into any interference with your mount’s saddle. A nice touch are the non-metallic washers between the clamping knobs and the moving portion of the V-saddle, so no metal to metal contact to scuff and score. The saddle opens very wide, so there should be no issues there. But, if you are like me and like to open the saddle just enough to slide the scope in (so it doesn’t rock out before you get it tightened) you will appreciate the bevels of the V-saddle that slightly widen the opening on each end. Likewise, the dovetail on the D-plate is slightly narrowed on each end to make sliding it into your mount’s saddle a bit easier. Well done!

    • Mark Pogorzelski (store manager)

      Frederick, thank you for the great feedback! We really appreciate feedback like this to let us know we’re doing our job correctly.– ADM Accessories.

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