Review for DVPA-SS- DV Series Dovetail Adapter for StarSense Mounting

When I saw this adapter on the ADM site my wish had been answered. I had been looking for a way to mount my StarSense on my Celestron 11” Edge OTA in my NexDome Observatory. With the SS in its home position off center on the rear cell of the OTA it was difficult to give the camera a clear view of the sky looking through the 24” slit of the dome. I needed a solution to be able to mount the SS on the front end of the OTA close to the slit opening for an unobstructed view of the sky. I had already installed a Celestron 11” dovetail bar on the top of the OTA for my 35 mm Canon Mark 5 II using the ADM DV Camera Adapter so the SS adapter would sit in front of the camera if needed. The cool thing is the SS adapter allows me to remove the SS unit while leaving the SS mounting bracket in the adapter were my Canon camera can see the sky without obstruction. This allows the SS to be removed without changing the center calibration of the SS. I could not be happier. What a great product.