Review for 532nm Green Laser Pointer and Accessories

I purchased the whole kit, the LZR-532KIT. The kit includes the adjustable rings so once mounted on your scope you can set it up the same as you would a finder scope. I have both still. You can then use the laser as a finder without having to get down on you knees when siting objects high in the sky.
The laser itself is very bright so I have to remember to be careful. It is too bright to be used as a laser pointer for powerpoint demonstrations as the reflection of the TV screen is dangerous. I have a 5watt green laser that I use that I use for powerpoints.
The laser comes with a rechargeable 3.0v battery however you can shorten the barrel by unscrewing one section and power with an off the shelf, non rechargeable 123 battery. I keep one of these in my kit for emergencies.