Miscellaneous Accessories
Some of these accessories will be sure to minimize your set-up and teardown time while improving the look of you telescope system.  Some of these accessories will allow you to bridge the gap between the different series accessories as well as allow you to manufacture your own system.  Be sure to check this page frequently since ADM is working hard to expand this section.

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R Adjustable Guidescope rings with delrin tipped thumb screws
$59 - $99


Max Guider  Guidescope Aiming Device.  Attaches to D series dovetails.


Mini-Max Guider Guidescope Aiming Device.  Attaches to V Series dovetails.

Celestron CG5 Adapter Converts the CG5 to accept ADM Saddles.  Three Saddles available.


Celestron CGEM CGEM Upgrade Components.  Knobs and DUAL saddles


Celestron Advanced VX Accessories for Celestron Advanced VX Mount. 

CGE-TKS-OR  Celestron CGE Accessories


D2V and V2D Converts D and V Series saddles.


Celestron CGE Pro Accessories for Celestron CGE Pro Mount.  Knobs and DUAL saddles

EQG-A Hockey Puck Adapter.  Allows attaching accessories to EQG Mount


DTTS Delrin Tipped Thumb Screw.  3/8 x 24TPI.  Three sizes to choose from. 


Tak-FB Quick release Finder Bracket for Takahashi telescopes.  Fits various OTA's

Knob Kits Available for many different telescope applications.  Captive washers and five colors. 


Red-LED-Flashlight ADM Red LED Flashlight.  Red or Blue Anodized.


UAB Universal Adapter Block.  Converts standard spacing to metric. 


DPA-FF and VPA-FF- Female to Female Adapter.  Available in both D-Series and V-Series. 


Laser Holder. Three point adjustable rings for green laser pointer. 


Radius Blocks Radius Blocks.  Curved adapters that convert round OTA to flat surface.  .
$29 - $39

Paramount ME Pier Adapter- Adapts the ME to fit popular tripods like Losmandy G11, Takahashi EM400, Celestron CGE and Meade. 


DV-SAD  "D" Series female to "V" Series Female adapter for piggybacking guidescopes.


ALLEN Wrenches Complete set of Allen Wrenches.  32 Ball point wrenches.  SAE and Metric