Vixen "V" Series Overview
Also known as Vixen dovetail bars and accessories.  This system is becoming extremely popular due to the number of manufacturers incorporating this style saddle into their mounts.  Vixen, Celestron, Meade, TeleVue and Orion are just a few examples.  The bar is approximately 1.72” wide with a 12 degree dovetail angle. ADM offers a large line of dovetail bars for popular Meade and Celestron OTA’s as well as a number of universal dovetail bars to meet most mounting needs.
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V-OTA-R Vixen Style Guidescope Kit.  Any OTA any size ring.  .
$169 - $199

V-OTA-CM Vixen Style Camera Mount Kit.  Any OTA.


V-OTA-CW Vixen Style Counterweight Kit.  Any OTA.  Includes 3.5lb CW..

V-OTA Vixen Style Dovetail Bar.  .
$59 - $69


VDUP Vixen Style Universal Dovetail Bars.  .
$39 - $59


VR Vixen Style dovetail Ring Set.  Any size ring.
$99 - $109

VSBS Vixen Style Side-By-Side Mounting System..


VDUP-R Vixen Style dovetail with Guidescope Rings.  Any size ring.  .
$99 - $109


VCM Vixen Style Dovetail Camera Mount.  .

VBCM Vixen Style Dovetail Adapter will Bogen Micro Ball Head.  .


VCW Vixen Style Dovetail Counterweight.  Includes 3.5lb counterweight.  .



VA Vixen Style Dovetail Adapter.  Spring loaded split clamp.  .

VSAD Vixen Style Saddle.  Spring loaded split clamp design. .


VMM Vixen Style Male to Male Adapter. 

VWO-UniversalsVixen Style Universals for William Optics. 
$79 - $89