Losmandy "D" Series Overview
Also known as Losmandy dovetail bar and accessories.  The “D” series dovetail consists of a 4" wide bar with a 3” dovetail. This large surface is the perfect solution for astrophotographers who demand a solid platform. The large dovetail bar is also compatible with a number of popular mounts commonly found in the industry. ADM offers a large line of dovetail bars for popular Meade and Celestron OTA’s as well as a number of universal dovetail bars to meet most mounting needs.
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SADDLES Losmandy "D" Saddles for converting EQG, Vixen, Takahashi and more.  .


DUAL SADDLES Accepts Losmandy "D" Series Saddle or Vixen "V" Series Saddle. 


LSBS Losmandy "D" Series Side-By-Side Mounting System. 

D-OTA Losmandy "D" Series dovetail bars for OTA's including RCX.
$79 - $139


DUP Universal Dovetail Bar.  Available in 7", 11" or 15" .
$60 - $70


DR Losmandy "D" Series Dovetail Ring Set.  Your choice of ring size. 
$99 - $149

SDR Losmandy "D" Series Single Unit Dovetail Ring Set.  Any ring size..
$99 - $149


DCM Losmandy "D" Series Dovetail Camera Mount.  .


BCM Losmandy "D" Series Bogen Camera Mount..

DCW Losmandy "D" Series Counterweight.


DPA Losmandy "D" Series Plate Adapter


DUP-R Losmandy "D" Series DUP Rings
$109 - $149

DMM Losmandy "D" Series Male to Male
$59 - $69


LOS-VIX Losmandy "D" Series to Vixen "V" Series adapter


VIX-LOS Converts the Vixen "V" Saddle to the Losmandy "D" Series..