Mini Dovetail System Overview
Also known as the Mini Dovetail System. The MDS system is a lightweight, less expensive alternative to the D series accessories.  This is the perfect solution for mounting astronomical accessories like guidescopes, finderscopes, and camera mounts.  Dovetail bars are available for most popular Meade and Celestron SCT’s as well as custom lengths for attaching to clamshell rings. The MDS system can also be used as a counterweight system since it can be mounted to the underside of the OTA's. 

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MDS-OTA-R Mini Dovetail System Guidescope Kit.Your choice of ring size


MDS-OTA-CW Mini Dovetail System counterweight kit..Includes 3.5lb CW.


MDS-OTA-CM Mini Dovetail System Dovetail Camera Mount Kit.

MDS-R Mini Dovetail System Dovetail RIng Set. Your choice of ring size.
$99 - $109


MDS-OTA Mini Dovetail System Dovetail Bar.
$69 - $109



MDS-CM Mini Dovetail System Camera Mount. .

MDS-BCM Mini Dovetail System Bogen Camera Mount. .



MDS-CW MDS Dovetail Counterweight.  Includes 3.5lb counterweight.



MDS-PA Mini Dovetail System Plate Adapter.